Effect of Limestone Addition on Physicochemical Properties of Cement: A Case Study of Laboratory Prepared Portland Cement, Sokoto Portland Cement and Dangote Portland Cement

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Saidu Rabiu Saidu
Danhalilu Rabiu Lawal


Sokoto Ordinary Portland Cement, Dangote Ordinary Portland Cement and synthesized Portland Cement were blended with various proportions of limestone. X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) studies revealed increase in CaO concentration with addition limestone in all samples studied, while the concentration of other oxide decreases. Compressive strength decreases as limestone content increases but at lower concentration (5-15%), the cured cement had appreciable strength, which also decreases with addition of limestone for all the samples. Soundness test revealed that addition of limestone within 5-15% did not cause any expansion and weakening of the cement structure. The setting times for all cement types decreases with increasing limestone addition.

Limestone addition, cement, Sokoto.

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Rabiu Saidu, S., & Rabiu Lawal, D. (2020). Effect of Limestone Addition on Physicochemical Properties of Cement: A Case Study of Laboratory Prepared Portland Cement, Sokoto Portland Cement and Dangote Portland Cement. Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences, 7(2), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajocs/2020/v7i219015
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