Building a Visible Light Spectrophotometer From NaI Detector

Khairi M-S. Abdullah, Lazgin A. Jamil, Parween H. Saleem

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Phytochemical Screening & in vivo Fertility Enhancing Activity (Aphrodisiac) of Abutilon indicum Roots on Male Wistar Rats

Anup K. Chakraborty, A. V. Chandewar, Manoj S. Charde

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In Vitro Antioxidant Properties of Novel Schiff Base Complexes

Mohammad Ibrahim, Asif Khan, Muhammad Ikram, Sadia Rehman, Muzamil Shah, Hazrat Un Nabi, Ahamefula A. Ahuchaogu

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Effect of Irradiation on Rotting and Mass of Mango Fruits with Gamma Ray from Cobalt-60 Source

Idodo Maxwell, Ali Haruna, Baba Kutigi

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Phytochemical Composition and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Blepharis linariifolia (Pers.) Seeds

Alsiddig Osama, Sufyan Awadelkarim, Noha Ali, Safa Khalid, Shima Mohammed, Nosiba Hashim

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