Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of Antimicrobial Activity of a New Schiff Base, 2-(((2-((4-hydroxybenzylidene) amino)ethyl)imino)methyl) Phenol and Its Cu(II) and Ni(II) Complexes

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Musarat Farjana Yesmin
Farzana Khanm Camellia
Modina Bashar
Md. Sajjad Hossain
Saiyad Nasira
Nayon Uddin
Md. Ashrafuzzaman
Md. Yeamin Reza
Md. Kudrat-E-Zahan
Md. Masuqul Haque
Laila Arjuman Banu


New complexes of Cu (II) and Ni (II) of the Schiff Base, 2-(((2-((4-hydroxybenzylidene) amino)ethyl)imino)methyl) phenol were synthesized and characterized by analytical and  physico-chemical techniques including magnetic susceptibility, conductivity measurements, electronic and IR spectral studies. The infrared spectral studies revealed the tetra-dentate nature of the Schiff base in the complexes. On the basis of all characterizations, square- planar geometry has proposed for all the obtained complexes. The complexes showed moderate antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Schiff base ligands, transition metals, salicylaldehyde, antibacterial activity

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Yesmin, M. F., Camellia, F. K., Bashar, M., Hossain, M. S., Nasira, S., Uddin, N., Ashrafuzzaman, M., Reza, M. Y., Kudrat-E-Zahan, M., Haque, M. M., & Banu, L. A. (2020). Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of Antimicrobial Activity of a New Schiff Base, 2-(((2-((4-hydroxybenzylidene) amino)ethyl)imino)methyl) Phenol and Its Cu(II) and Ni(II) Complexes. Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences, 7(2), 30-38.
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