The Characterization of Local Clay from Anambra State Nigeria for Its Potential Applications in the Production of Ceramic Whitewares

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F. O. Nnaneme
T. U. Onuegbu
S. C. Agbo
E. S. Okwute


Local clay deposits from Ukpor in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State were characterized for its potential applications in the production of ceramics whitewares. XRF analysis of the clay revealed that it has high silica and alumina contents with some flux oxides. XRD analysis also revealed that of all the minerals present in the clay, quartz has the highest constituent followed by kaolinite and rutile. FT-IR analysis revealed that the bands corresponds to 3500 cm-1 to 4000   cm-1 indicating the presence hydroxyl groups (OH) and Si-O symmetry vibration stretch at 1206.207 cm-1 which confirmed the kaolinite structure of the clay. The SEM study showed a finely distributed uniform surface with isolated patches of granulated texture which explained the physical behaviour of the clay. The EDS spectrum of the formulated fired Ukpor clay indicated the presence of O, Al, K, Ca, K, Fe, and Si. The study revealed that an increase in the firing temperature and feldspar contents of the clay increases its bulk density, while the apparent density decreases with increase in temperature. Apparent porosity showed that there was a decrease from 25% to 3%, and the water absorption increases with increase in the silica content and decreases with temperature and feldspar increase. The shrinkage increases with the increase in temperature. The results concluded that the clay sample could be utilized as an industrial raw materials for the production of ceramic whitewares.

Ukpor clay, kaolinite, whitewares, ceramic, X-ray Diffractometer, FTIR

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Nnaneme, F. O., Onuegbu, T. U., Agbo, S. C., & Okwute, E. S. (2020). The Characterization of Local Clay from Anambra State Nigeria for Its Potential Applications in the Production of Ceramic Whitewares. Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences, 8(2), 22-33.
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