Open Circuit Potential, Polarization and Thermometric Study of Guar Gum as Corrosion Inhibitor on Mild Steel by in Acidic Media

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Rupesh Kushwah
R. K. Pathak


The influence of guar gum as inhibitors for mild steel (MS) dissolved in 1.0 M H2SO4 had been investigated via various electrochemical tests at 298 K. Open circuit (OC), Tafel plots had been examined. At first OCP shift found to be more negative values which clarify that guar gum having high efficiency as corrosion inhibitors. The inhibition efficiency (IE%) can be improved with improvement of concentration of inhibitor reaching maximum efficiency up to 89.37% at 298 K. The Tafel plots had been illustrated that a maximum difference of Ecorr 68 mV, that shows that the guar gum worked as mixed type inhibitor. Thermometry investigation shows maximum IE is found to be 86.99.

Guar gum, 1.0 M H2SO4, corrosion, mild steel, Tafel plots, thermometry

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Kushwah, R., & Pathak, R. K. (2020). Open Circuit Potential, Polarization and Thermometric Study of Guar Gum as Corrosion Inhibitor on Mild Steel by in Acidic Media. Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences, 8(2), 55-60.
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