Study on Synthesis and Characterization of Hexaquonickel(II) bis-p-toluenesulfonate

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Wu Shutian
Zhu Qinyu
Guo Wenhui
Xiong Wanli
Tang Shiyi
Xue Weilan
Zeng Zuoxiang


Hexaquonickel (II) bis-p-toluenesulfonate [Ni(OTs)2·6H2O] was prepared from the reaction of p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTS) and nickel hydroxide [Ni(OH)2]. Energy disperse spectroscopy, thermal-analysis instrument, infrared spectrometer, and X-ray diffractometer were used to characterize the product of Ni(OTs)2·6H2O purified by recrystallization. The influence of equivalence ratio of reactants [NPTS/NNi(OH)2], reaction temperature and reaction time on the yield of products was investigated. The results show that when the value of NPTS/NNi(OH)2 is 1.1, reaction temperature is 353 K, and reaction time is 3 h, the yield of the product is 90.86%.

Hexaquonickel (II) bis-p-toluenesulfonate, synthesis, characterization, yield

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Shutian, W., Qinyu, Z., Wenhui, G., Wanli, X., Shiyi, T., Weilan, X., & Zuoxiang, Z. (2017). Study on Synthesis and Characterization of Hexaquonickel(II) bis-p-toluenesulfonate. Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences, 3(2), 1-8.
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