Charge Exchange of Proton-potassium Atom Collision

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S. A. Elkilany


The coupled static approximation is modified for the first time to make it applicable to multi-channels problem of the collision of the proton by alkali atom. The possibility of producing more hydrogen during the proton-alkali atom collision is investigated. The formation of hydrogen H (1s) and excited hydrogen (in 2s- and 2p-states) of p-K collision is treated to test the convergence of our method. The modified method is used to calculate the total cross-sections of seven partial waves ( , where  is the total angular momentum) at a range of energy between 50 and 1000 keV. Our p-K results are compared with previous ones.

Proton-alkali, proton-potassium, hydrogen formation, excited hydrogen formation, cross-sections

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A. Elkilany, S. (2017). Charge Exchange of Proton-potassium Atom Collision. Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences, 3(2), 1-12.
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