Comparative Study of CBS-Q Calculated and Experimental pKa Values for Fluoro-Acetoxy Derivative

Mustafa Lawar, Safia Elbadwe, Ismail Yalçin, Kayhan Bolelli, Hakan Sezgin Sayiner, Fatma Kandemirli

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Intrinsic Viscosity-molecular Weight Relationship of Poly (Hexanediol Adipate)

Jiankun Li, Zegang Zong, Dehua Hou, Bojun Tu, Weilan Xue, Zuoxiang Zeng

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Predictive Modeling of the Human Hepatoma (Huh-7D12) Cancer Line of a Series of bis- (5-arylidene-rhodanine-3-yl) Diamine

Koffi Alexis Respect Kouassi, Anoubilé Benié, Mamadou Guy-Richard Koné, Wacothon Karime Coulibaly, Kouadio Valery Bohoussou, Adenidji Ganiyou

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Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Kenyan Mushroom Ganoderma lucidum

Ebrahim Sande, Danstone Lilechi Baraza, Selline Ooko, Nyongesa Peter Kuloba, Lilian Shiyenzi

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Determination of Some Heavy Metals (Cu, Co, Ni) in Edible Clay from South Eastern Nigeria and Its Effect Due to Consumption

C. M. Ekuma, T. C. Ogunyemi

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